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Tactical Variation:

To be successful on this game, it is recommended that you have at least two different formations that you can use in the course of a match, such as a 4-5-1 and a 4-3-3, etc. This will enable you to switch tactics easily during a match when things aren't going according to plan, and will therefore save you a great amount of time over the course of a season. Switching formations regularly can also help confuse the opposition, especially those who employ man-marking strategies on your key players. If one of your star players has been quiet throughout a match, try changing his position in order to trick your opponents - this can gain you a crucial upper hand.

Buy any player for free:

When you make an offer for a player make all direct offers zero, but offer a huge amount over 12 months, the club will accept and you will offer contract to the player...if he accepts and transfers too your club, offer him another contract, as soon as he accepts the new contract yu offered him, there will be no monthly payments to his previous club i.e. you obtained him for free!
Bought Totti and Ronaldinio my first season.
IMPORTANT: Buy players at beginning of transfer month as the process takes 2 weeks or so to finalise, and if it runs over a onth you will end up paying transfer fees to the other club.

Great Championship Players:

Jim Hamilton FC- Motherwell
Gussepi Rossi FC- Man U (loan)
Antti Niemi GK- Southampton
Darren Powell DC- Southampton
Chris Barid DR- Southampton
Theo Walcott MR/FC- Southampton
Christophe Jallet MR- Niort (French Wonderkid)
Kirk Broadfoot DM- StMirren
Hope this helps!!

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