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Use this to open doors when you don't know what may be lurking behind them. Make sure you pick the lock or use a key on the door first if you have to. Lay one guy down, and move him right up to the door. Put another guy in the kneeling position, and move him behind the guy laying down. Stand a guy up and move him behind the guy kneeling down. Now you have three guys ready to fire through the doorway once you open it. Put everybody on 'agressive' mode, your guns on burst, and use the guy laying down to open the door. anything in the immediate line of sight turns into a bloody mess. Raider bosses die quick this way.

Credit comments:
Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear
comments from the development team. Hold [Alt]
during the credit sequence to see another funny

Extra money:
Go to the recruiter in a Brotherhood of Steel base,
recruit team members, exit the recruit screen, take
the armor off the new character(s), and give them to
your squad leader. Return to the recruiter and remove
the new recruit(s). You can then get different new
recruits for more suits of armor. After you leave the
recruiter, the recruits you removed will reset -
allowing you to get their armor again. Repeat this
until you have as many suits as you can carry and still
walk. Go to the quartermaster and sell the armor.
Repeat this until you have as much money as needed.

Free Action Points:
While in turn based mode all you have to do is spend all
but one action point then quicksave it, then quickload it.
You will get all the action points back for the character
and can go on doing this until combat ends.

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