Escape Turquoise Room žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


- Click the bucket (repeatedly) to get the Apple Core inside the bucket
- Go to right
- Play the mini game in the blue machine to get the UV Lamp Base (Completed
pyramid at the center red pole)
- Get Gloves from first aid kit (Click inside of the first aid kit to view
the items in it)
- Click the button of the UV light machine (repeatedly), a battery will fall
under the bed
- Click under the bed, put the Apple Core near the hole to get the Battery.
- Go to right
- Get the Lighter from the drawer (5)
- Get the Umbrella and Wrench from the shelf (2)
- Use the Wrench to break the Dictaphone in the shelf (1) (hit the Dictaphone
while it is still in the shelf)
- Get the Broken Dictaphone and examine it, take the Battery, put the Broken
Dictaphone back
- Get the Tape from the drawer (6)
- Get the Lead-doped Barium silicate from the shelf (4) (bottle at the left
most side)
- Get the Orange Coat from the drawer (3)
- Get the Left Rainboot from the shelf (4)
- Go to right
- Click the ceiling to view it
- Use the Tap on the fan
- Get the Glass Tube
- Back to ground level and go to right
- Use Wrench on the heater
- Use Glass Tube on the heater (to clean it)
- Go to right
- Examine the Glass Tube, use the Lighter at the middle of the tube, and then
use Lead-doped Barium silicate on it to make the Fluorescent U-Tube
- Examine the UV Lamp base, put the two Batteries and the Fluorescent U-Tube
on it, turn on the switch
- Get the Black Light Book
- Open the Black Light Book, move to the last page (the blank page), use the UV
Lamp to read the page and you will find 2 sets of code
- Put back the Tape
- Go to right 2 times
- Click the right hand side of the safe, get the Right Rainboot
- Click the safe, enter the code: Green Code + Blue Code
- Get the Bottle of Lithium Metasilicate in the safe
- Use the Gloves and get the Bottle of Acid in the safe
- Go to right
- Throw the Bottle of Acid to the door
- Use the Bottle of Lithium Metasilicate on the Rainboots and Umbrella
- Use the Umbrella at the door hole
- Done. Good job!

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