Codename Eagle žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Atidarykite konsolę paspaudę [Alt][S] ir įveskite:

God mode - codenamegod
All weapons - weaponmaster
200% armor - armorgod
Full health - healthmaximum
Level select - missionmaster
itemgod - Receive Items (keys, dynamite, etc)

Praleisti lygį:
After entering the 'codenamegod' cheat code, press
[F10] to skip to the next level.

At times, it can be very difficult to figure out mission
objectives and how to execute them. A run-forward-and-shoot
approach generally works when inspiration (and confounding
objectives) fail.

Talk to characters (the ones who aren't shooting at you)
often they'll help you solve a mission.

The aircraft controls take a lot of getting used to.
Slow movements work best when starting out.

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