Beyond Good & Evil žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Bonus sequence:

Successfully complete the game and watch the credits. Do not press anything to advance past
the credits. Another FMV sequence will start after the credits end.

Unlock Marble Mini-Game;

Get all 88 pearls and a marble mini-game on an mdisk will be available.

Crystal Cargo:

If you wanna get some crystals and don't want to go everywhere and get hurt.
In the hillys you can go to a ship, (note: it only works if you see a box on
the ship) and fire only at the box it will break open and crystals will come out.
This is a way you can get crystals without getting hurt. It takes two or three shots
to break the box.

Unlocking the Beluga spaceship:

The codes to unlock the Beluga spaceship are on the bottom of the Jet Boots.
Select them and rotate them to see the codes.

Easy pictures and money:

After you get the camera and photograph the beetle, take a picture of the kids, the dog,
and Pey'j to get some pictures for the scientific society, and some money. likewise,
go to Mammago's and take a picture of one of the attendants; and in the Pedestrian District,
take some pictures of the people there. Some might be an 'unidentified species'.

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