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Full Version (Patched):

Within a game, press F10, then type any of the cheat.
Most codes were wiped by bug patch, but some survived.
These work with the full version patch:

t2000 = Appear like Terminator 2000
bighead = Big head mode
layitonme = Extra Ammo
torchtip = Flaming tip arrows
ebola = Kill surrounding creatures
keysuper = Skeleton key
reallycold = Toggle enemy AI
dismember = Toggle gratuitous dismemberment
iamacheatingbastard = God Mode
gimmecrap = All Weapons, ammo and God Mode
amonra = Gives Radiance Emitter
driveby = Gives Tommygun
tntrules = Gives Dynamite
woodenstakegun = Gives Wooden Stake Crossbow
dumbogun = Gives Elephant Gun
baronsaturday = Summons Baron

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