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When in the juju realm pick up some ingredients and mix them in this order:

clover, red clover, blue clover, green
root, red root, blue root, green flower, red flower, green flower


Ok, go to gadget universe and buy the portal generator. then sell it. You buy it for 200 nickpoints, you sell it for 250. for those who dont know math, every time you sell it, you get 50 nickpoints! Keep doing this and you become Rich.


The easiest way to have many nickpoints without cheating and typing a code is playing Sea your Strenght. It is better to choose Patrick Star because he can hit faster.


The best way to get a girl/boy friend is to click on them say 'hi' then push enter then say 'your cute' then push enter,wait until they say somthing back if they don't go for another.


Go to the Juju hut. [outside it] Find the green clover [or any other color] walkover it. now go to your backpack. Click on it [this will take it out] Now put it back. Every time you do this it adds 1 nickpoint to you.
Do this until you become rich.

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