NFL Fever 2000 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Toggle head size:

Hold [Left] and quickly press [Huddle] five times while on
the field after a play has completed to toggle player head
sizes from small to large to normal.

Large football:

Hold [Right] and press [Hurdle] five times while on the field
after a play has completed.

Gain extra yards on kick/punt returns:

When you receive the ball, start running left or right until
about the out of bounds mark. Then, run straight across the
opposite way of where you received the ball. Do this until
the opposite out of bounds mark, then run forward. If done
correctly, this should be an automatic touchdown.

More completions:

When on offense, throw the ball two or three seconds off the
line to make more completions.

Big Football:

To make the football big, hold RIGHT and press the
hurdle button 5 times.

Head size adjustment:

To change the head sizes of the football characters,
hold LEFT and press thr hurdle button 5 times. Each
time you do the code the heads will change to big,
small, or regular sizes.


The 'Millen's Call':

The 'Millen's Call' option is an excellent choice if you're
a rookie gamer new to PC football; it will ease you into
play calling and play execution. If you're a veteran, you
will likely find that Millen's Call, though textbook, isn't
the best way to play football. Unpredictability is key in
this game.

'big guns':

Pay close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of
the team you are playing, as well as those of your opponent.
Using the right plays and players at the right time is crucial,
as is guarding against their 'big guns.'

questionable coverage:

Avoid relying on the nickel-and-dime package defenses in the
release version of the game. At this time, it yields
questionable coverage, but will likely be patched soon.

'tuck and ram':

The running game isn't as intuitive as the rest of the
gameplay. Pay close attention to when and where you are
stopped. Learn the timing of the spin, the stiff-arm,
and 'tuck and ram' maneuvers, and you'll pick it up in
no time.

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