Need For Speed - Porsche 2000 žaidimo kodai

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Enables cops in quick race - Fuzzyfuz
Enables all cars to have 993 physics - yraGyraG
Makes cars way heavier - fetherw8

Booster for Speed:

Choose Single Player mode and put in 'freewill' as
your name.
This will enable your car to double its speed, and
breaking every record.


This is how I cheat in Porsche 2000
First make a backup of whatever you may change!!!

Go to:
1 Gamedata
2 Simulation
3 AIcardata

Copy 356.ais outside its folder. Then rename it to 356a.ais.
Copy the renamed file back to the AIcardata folder.
Next rename all in this manner. In short you give all cars
the same characteristics as a Porsche 356.
Don't rename vssver.scc though!

In this way your racing opponents will drive very slowly,
so You can win all!!


Enter create a player mode and enter one of the following

Small R/C cars - Gulliver
Smash-up derby mode in multiplayer1 - Smash Up
Drive with Rally physics - Dakar

Note: All cars drive on a skidpad. f you get 30% damage on
all areas of your car (not including the roof or floor),
you get knocked out.

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