NBA Jam Tournament žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Make sure the tournament mode in Special Features Menu is off. Type these words in the Tonights MACH up screen.

MEGA DUNKS - left,right,up,down,left,right
HARD PUSH - left,left,right,right,up,up
TURBO - down,down,down,turbo,turbo,turbo
QUIK HANDS - down,turbo,down,turbo,down,turbo
OFFENSE - turbo,turbo,turbo,shoot,shoot,shoot
3 POINTERS - shoot,shoot,shoot,up,up,up
GOAL TEND - turbo,turbo,up,turbo,turbo
ON FIRE - shoot,shoot,down,shoot,shoot
BIG HEADS - down,down,down,shoot,shoot,shoot
SHRINK PLAYERS - turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot,turbo,shoot

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