Motocross Madness 2 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Big Head Mode:

For the bikers to have larger heads, simply type
'big heads' at the main menu.

Quick Recovery:

Press the [TAB] key to reset your player immediately on
the bike to continue racing. This is extremely helpful
if you're racing others and you fall. You don't have
to wait for the cinematics of you falling or waste time
getting back on the bike.

Rainbow Studios:

When playing, press [ALT]+[TAB]+[A] like you meant to
switch screens. When you open up MCM2 again, the ground
will be Rainbow Studios' pattern. To remove this,
simply restart your race.

Get up faster:

Once you fall you press tab and you will get up


Keeping your balance and adjusting the pitch of your
bike while in the air is a key to Madness success.
There are two ways to do this: you can either move
your rider fore and aft, or you can work the gas and
brakes to spin or stop that rear tire. Get comfortable
with both and you'll find yourself crashing less and
riding more.

As great as your bike and rider look up close, you'll
want to pull the camera back quite a bit for a good look
at the nearby surroundings and to ensure your entire bike
is onscreen at all times.

There's more than one way through virtually every course,
and sometimes it's not very obvious. Outdoors, you should
explore through the foliage and memorize the results.
Indoors, you can often set up your bike and modify your
line to take an entire section of bumpy roadway in a single

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