MechWarrior 2 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

To enter these, hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift and type the code phrase.

BLORB - Invulnerability
CIA - Unlimited Ammo
COLDMISER - Heat Tracking
FLYGIRL - Jump Jets
MIGHTYMOUSE - Unlimited Jump Jet Fuel
ENOLAGAY - Nuclear Blast
HANGAROUND - Display Mission Time
GANKEM - Targeted Enemy Destroyed
DORCS - Display Credits
IDKFA - End mission in failure
MEEPMEEP - Time compression key on
UNMEEPMEEP - Time compression key off
ANTIJOLT - Time expansion on/off
FLASHYFLASHY - Auto grouping on/off
WALKTHISWAY - Leading reticle on/off
ZMAK Extra Time
TLOFRONT - Rear-view camera becomes a front camera
MICHELIN - See the bouncing spheres on debris and mech parts
X-RAY - X-ray vision (you can see through walls and mountains)
TINKERBELL - Free-floating external cameras
WEDIDITAGAIN - Dorcs screen

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