MechWarrior 2 - Mercenaries žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


To enter these codes, hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift
while playing then type any of the phrases below:

superfunkicalifragisexy - Invincibility
superfragicali - Auto wins mission successfully
iseenfireandiseenrain - Unlimited Ammo
ooohhhlllaaalllaaa - Heat tracking
redjackandtikrules - Makes targeted enemy self-destruct
crazysexycool - Infinite jumpjets
inmybeautifulballoon - Adds jump jets
likethecomstarbaby - Automatically succeed in mission
ontimeeverytime - Time compression key enabled
antijolt - Time expansion enabled
bubbleboy - Bounding spheres
beholdmyglory - Imfree-eye mode on
undflashyflashy - AutoGrouping enabled (makes all weapons fire from the first trigger)
walkthisway - Leading Recticle enabled (makes enemies follow your targeting crosshairs towards you)
wediditagain - Display Credits

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