Mean Arenas žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Enter CHEAT on the password bit. Then, do not use the
warp, instead collect everything on the way down.
At the bottom of the maze, collect the gem before
collecting the coin. Now collect the gem and enter
any of the following:

HELP - Skip to next level.
W - For fire weapon.
DEL - Activate shield.
B - For bombs.
L - For extra lives.
E - For energy.
A - All coins collected.
F - Freeze monsters.

Enter any of the following for your password:

CHEATOFF - Shuts the above cheat off.
REVEAL - Reveals the locations of hidden passages.
SONIC - Increase game speed.
NORMAL - Revert back to normal speed.

In one player mode enter 'QSSIFS4UYLS2WGKUN3' for
the password and you will be whisked away to level
three with enough lives to complete the game with

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