Mall Tycoon 3 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Typing the following sequences of letters will engage a game trigger.
They can be entered at any time (even during the intro movie).
Most triggers will produce a text message on the left hand side of your screen to inform you that the effect is enabled.
For the 'Mall Tycoon 3' game, these messages will only appear when in the Main Menu System. In-game, there is no notification of successful code entry.
A 'Toggle' can be run again to Disable an Effect.

SafeMouse - Toggle Safe Mouse pointer (incase of mouse troubles)
BEdit - Open the Ground Type Editor
MovieCapture - enable Movie Capture
CatEdit - enable the CatEdit Game Editor
(requires EngineDebug or CatDebug first)
DebugAI - Toggle AI Debugging
CatDebug - Toggle All Debugging Options
IAmACheater - Toggle Cheat Mode
GameDebug - enable Game Debug Mode
EngineDebug - enable Engine Debug Mode

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