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Mission Great Deal:
after you kill the hoodlums at te 3rd, and the guys just level under,
behind the white car at the end of this floor there is a box of grenade
(usefull) to destroy the two car at the end and the guys hiding behind it.

Easy Method for Escape in Lucky bastard:
to lose the tail : get away then stop and wait them : shoot two tires
of their car and then get back in your and get away, you get it! (just
pay attention for cops, if one car come, just kill them before the wanted
bar appears)

In general if the cops are behind you with wanted bar:
go to the nearest metro station, get on the dock of metro station, if the
cops follow you, get on the tracks then by pressing the jump key, go in
the dock in front they can't follow you! they go on the tracks but they
can't jump on the dock! Take the metro and stay in until the wanted bar
desappear! Then steal a new car and resume your mission.

Easy money:
Bet a negative number at the casino to gain money every
time you lose.

Kill the men in the all black suits with the black hat
(gangsters) to earn $500 each.

Go into the country and speed in a fast car.

Win the race:
Drive up to the first checkpoint and slow down. Behind the
boulders is a short patch of sand where you can drive onto
the closed road. This of course is the 'wrong way' and if
you plan to go through it, you will be faster but not complete
the lap. You will not win unless you do the following.
Drive up to the end of the road, just past the 'Dunniel'
(or something similar) sign, where you get your checkpoint
information and select 'Replace Car' (default is [Keypad 0]).
The goal is now just a few inches away. You must to do this
five times. By doing so, you can finish the race in a little
less than six minutes. Note: Make sure you do not crash on the
closed road as the 'Replace Car' might not work there, or will
place you back to the first checkpoint.

Type 'Mademan' in the console, you will get
unlimited health.

Easy way to mow down Speedy Gonzalez-Steal a car and drive to the corner
a block west of where he is. Line him up on the sidewalk and floor it.
The dumbass will run right into you.


I have read of the following cheats that can be typed once the console is activated:

Badgangsters = godmode
Deadguns = guns and ammo
Mademan = health


On the preist Level after you go down the stairs and the cutscene plays about the funeral all the people start shooting but if you can get the the spiril stairs with alot of health you can hold the man hossage by running in to him and staying there. just stand there and shoot the other guys then when done backup and shoot the guy at the top of the steps.


In the race, wich is a pain in the as. There is on way to make the pain go away. If you turn on to the closed way and continue on it until you come back to the track, you will se a sign on the left. Push replace car just after you that sign an you will be replaced at the finish line. You can't lose.

Unlock Free Ride Extreme mode:

To unlock the Free Ride Extreme you have to finish all missions. The Extreme mode allows you to get extra fancy cars (like the super fast taxi). Also there are no cops in this mode.

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