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> Kodai:

Žaidimo metu įveskite sekančius kodus:

IamTheOne - Unlimited bullet time
iddqd - God mode
gorilla - Doubles the reach length
redlight - Laserguide
bruce - Super strength
nasa - Space jump

> Patarimai:

Defeating zombies:

On Zombie Challenge kill the Jesus to halve the zombies' life. They are harder to kill when green.

Instant plasma grenade explosion:

Take a plasma grenade and pull the pin. Press E to set it as your secondary weapon. It should go off. As soon as you want to use it, pull it out. It should not go off however long you hold it. Throw it, and it should go off as soon as it comes in contact with the enemy.


Press '0 Ins' to recieve light saber and then sumon an enemy. Throw the weapon at him, and if ju throw it correctly, it will turn into an axe and kill him.

Keep shooting without you touch the fire button:

Go th experment,turn on num lock.Click 5 on the number pad.Pick up the gun.
Fire then with still fireing push p to pause the game.Resume and the gun will fire without you touching it!


When you use the plasma pistole (number one on the main number bar) if you hold the blast and wait...hold the fire button then hit the drop gun wepon (still hold the fire button)..when you aim your hand at some one you can shoot a normal round as in a human gun it will cause no damage to them at all but its a fun easter egg.


Press +, grab it, then press shift while holding the machine gun (# 5 on the #pad) and shot away!

Fire Ground:

When you use the flamethrower, you see the fire is comin out of it! Then click on enter, (When the fire is still there) You will see the fire on the main menu, and then click on experiment and the fire stands. When someone is comin in the fire, he will burn!

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