Lego Racers žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Create or edit a driver in build mode.
Enter one of the following driver names at the make
a license screen to activate the corresponding cheat

The cheats are only available in test drive mode and are
not available when playing a circuit.

Cheat Name

Rocket car - FLYSKYHGH
No wheels - NWHLS
No chassis - NCHSSS
No driver - NDRVR
Maintain speed off track - NSLWJ
Reversed Rocket Racer Run track - LNFRRRM
Shooter attacking power-ups only - PGLLRD
Mine power-ups only - PGLLYLL
Turbo power-ups only - PGLLGRN
Grapple power-ups only - RPCRNLY
Power-ups always at maximum - MXPMX
Turbo mode - FSTFRWRD
Disable all cheats - NMRCHTS

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