Legendary Sonic Chaos žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Type these cheats in character select screen ,
press 'Delete' if you type wrong:

igotcatslife - To start with 9 lifes
masterofthisgame - To see my piccy :)
givemesomerings - To start with 50 rings
makeithard - To disable rings in levels
warptolava - To warp to Lava Reef Zone
warptoangel - To warp to Angel Island Zone
warptomushroom - To warp to Mushroom Hill Zone
warptomarble - To warp to Marble Garden Zone
warptoice - To warp to Ice Cap Zone
warptohill - To warp to Hill Top Zone
warptosky - To warp to last battle
stayaway - To disable badniks in levels
savetheplanet - To see the ending scene

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