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Primary tabs


Press ~ to display the console window, then type 'sv_cheats' 1 to enable cheat mode. Then, press ~ to display the console window and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
Note: To disable cheat mode, type 'sv_cheats 0' at the console window.

g_fly 1 - fly mode on
g_fly 0 - fly mode off
fly - fly mode
gotoroom roomXX - select room XX(for example gotoroom room01)
cl_showinfo 1 - show FPS on
cl_showinfo 0 - show FPS off
g_noclip 1 - clip though wall (if fly mode is on)
game_godmode %d - god mode on, %d - current health value
game_godmode 0 - god mode off
addwpn ? - weapons list
addwpn %d - add weapon number from weapons list or full reload weapon
suicide - self suicide
save %s - save game with name %s
load %s - load game with name %s
map %s - load map %s (see map list in dir Areas)
exit - fast exit to Windows
g_noclip 1 - clip through walls ON (if fly mode on)
g_noclip 0 - clip through walls OFF
hitpoints ## - set hit points

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