Kingdom Under Fire žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Press [Enter] then type ' ~makemyday ' to enable cheat mode.
Then, press [Enter] and type one of the following codes
to activate the cheat function.

~amosbemerciful - Full mana
~baegopa - Additional 500,000 of all resources
~dayspring - Full map
~godblessu - Full health
~hastalavista - All buildings destroyed
~knowledgeispower - Fast mana regeneration
~opensesame - Open All Doors in RPG Mode
~simsimhae - Fast construction


Replace ~ with [Period] when playing the game in
RPG mode. Additionally, enter #9#9 after each code in
the demo version.
For example:


1. These codes require the v1.09 patch.
Result Code

Level up1 - ~lickmybun
Invincibility1 - ~theuntouchable

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