Jazz Jackrabbit žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Pause the game with [P], then press [Backspace],
then enter the code. Registered version need
'DD' in front of the codes (eg: 'ddbad')

tim - Displays 'Awesome'
mark - Suicide and return to start
arjan - Displays 'Hahaha'
apogee - Try it !
ken - Quit to Dos
hocus - Displays 'Abracadarbra', teleports
doom - Makes everything harder to kill
greetz - Displays some info
check - Display some numbers (coordinates?)
lamer - skips current level
sable - Turn red and run faster
gunhed - full inventory !
bouf - Temporarly invicible (also boud)
bad - Gives you the bird
cstrike - Gives you the airboard
hooker - Yellow flash, prepares bonus level

Or press [F10]+[F11]+[F12] at the level select.

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