Jane's Hotel žaidimo kodai

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Early Level Hints:

Hold off on buying things that add to your tasks for as long as possible (especially those darn plants!) You’ll need to purchase everything to get to the next Hotel level but holding off on adding extra tasks (like plants or dining room furniture) will help you focus more on keeping everyone happy until you develop a rhythm. Try to purchase things like pictures, goldfish, etc first. This enhances your popularity but doesn’t add more work.
People will always take the rooms in order from left to right When a person is headed to lobby for an item, the item they want will light up before they request it so you can usually have the task started before the request even comes in.
When someone wants to watch TV, you have to click the TV and not the person on the couch. However, you do click the person on the couch if they want a paper or coffee.
If you have finished the game and you want to go back and replay a level, you will lose the rest of the levels that came after that. For example, you want to replay level 25, if you do, you will lose all the progress that you’ve made from level 26 to 40.

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