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In the game, NOT the demo, you have to create a file called autoexec.cfg
using notepad. In the demo this file already excist but in the game it isn't.
This must be done in the nightfire\bond directory.

Put two lines into this file namely:
sv_cheats 1
console 1
Finnaly add: +console 1 at the end of the Target line in your shortcut
(right click on the shortcut\Properties)

during the game press the tilde ~ to give the cheat
god, fly, noclip, etc.

Cheatmode [demo]:

To activate the cheat mode, find the autoexec.cfg file in the
'C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire Demo\Bond' directory, open
it with notepad or a similar editor and add the lines as noted
below to the end of the configuration list.
sv_cheats 1
console 1

Then, when you are in the game, press the '`' (tilde) key and the console will drop down. Enter any of the codes below followed by 'Enter' to enable the following cheats:

-god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping
notarget - Invisibility
fly - Fly Mode
map X - Change to Level X

Available levels in demo:

map m3_japan01
map m3_japan02
map m3_japan03
map m3_japan04

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