House of the Dead 2 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Bonus room:

Successfully complete the game in original mode
without losing any civilians and with a score of
at least 1000,000 points to reach a bonus room
full of items at the end of the game.

Extra $ point credits:

For more points added to your score when you
complete a level, simply shoot various other
items during game play. Shoot lamp post lights,
lanterns, stacks of books, jars, tires on boats,
windows on cars, chairs, and other furniture.
Shooting barrels and drums, however, will not
give you extra points, but may reveal items.

Oldman costume:

Successfully complete the game in original mode. The Goldman costume will
appear in the trunk of the car in the next original mode game.

Goldman zombie:

Enable the 'Infinite credits' bonus. Play through the game and shoot every
hostage and try to get the lowest score possible. Towards the end of the
game, when the last door is opened, Goldman will appear like a zombie.

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