Giants - Citizen Kabuto žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Žaidimo metu paspauskite T arba Y ir įveskite:

pleasehealme - Pilna sveikata
mapshowitall - Atskleisti žemėlapį
allmissionsaregoodtogo - Leidžia rinktis visus lygius
basegoveryfast - Greitai pastato bazę
basepopulate - Bazės apgyvendinimas
basefillerup - Suteikti bazei energiją
ineedspells - Neribota mana

Original Sea Reapers:
To play with the original, uncensored version of the
Sea Reapers, enter the 'bin' folder in the game folder.
Move the 'arpfix.gzp' file to another folder.
To restore the game to normal, simply move the file
back to its original location.


Keep an eye on your base at all times and establish
perimeter defenses as quickly as possible that way,
you won't have to worry about attackers while you're
off and about.

When playing as the Meccs, try to stay hidden, and pick
off enemies from afar with the sniper rifles.

Try to stay out of deep water at all times, since
flesh-eating piranhas populate the murky depths.

Eat evil Smarties as quickly as possible, but impale
Vimps on your spikes for insurance you may need the
health boost later on.


The following is For Giants: Citizen Kabuto Mecc Demo but
I think It will work in the full game because the full
game cheat codes work in the demo. Ok here it is...

This is a way to 'clime' mountains, while playing the
mecc story activate your 'jump jet' (sorry for the
term but I am a mechwarrior guru) and push forward
and keep pushing forward and try to run up the 'cracks'.
and just keep holding down the jet button and the forward
button and if you have the nitro use it as well.

Use your zoom button and the weapon you have in slot 2 and
shoot you enemies in the head and watch how fast they die.

If you want to get a lot of enemies to show up at one time
shoot the building(s) that they are associated with i.e.: a
barracks and the 'reaper guards'.houses and the 'sea reapermen'

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