Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Žaidimo metu paspauskite ENTER ir konsolėje įveskite sekančius kodus:

cisco - Achieve objectives one at a time
refill - All inventory items
kit [kit file] - Change your kit to specified file
chickenrun - Chicken grenades
rumbleoff - Disable constant shaky screen
rumbleon - Enable constant shaky screen
quit - Exit game
run - Faster movement
superman - God mode
hidecorpse - Hide corpse names
ammo - Infinite ammunition
shadow - Invisibility
autolose - Lose current mission
mark - Mark location on map for teleport
mark2 - Mark location on map for teleport
extremepaintball - Paintball mode
loc - Report current location
boom - Screen shakes
setgama [0.0-1.0] - Set gamma; default is 0.5
names - Show object names
showtextureprops - Show texture properties for objects
squirrelkite - Squirrel launcher
god - Suicide
rock - Take over enemy bases
teamsuperman - Team God mode
teamshadow - Team invisibility
teleport - Teleport
spawn - Teleport to preset locations
toggleshowactorstats - Toggle actor stats
toggleai - Toggle AI
tracers - Toggle display of tracers
toggleshoweffectsstats - Toggle effect stats
toggleshowframerate - Toggle framerate display
togglemovetrees - Toggle freezing trees
toggleshowinterfacestats - Toggle interface stats
toggleshowlevelstats - Toggle level stats
toggleshowperfcounters - Toggle performance counters
toggleshowsystemmemorystats - Toggle system memory stats
toggleshowtexturememorystats - Toggle texture memory stats
toggleshowtotalstats - Toggle total stats
toggleui - Toggle user interface
unlockheros - Unlock Hero characters
perf - View debug counters
autowin - Win current mission

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