Gex žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

All levels complete:
Enter PZYPRXYL as a password. All levels, including
Planet X, will be flagged as completed.

Cemetery 1 SVZFKHGP
Cemetery 2 BXRFYHGP
Cemetery 3 ZVTCYHGP
Jungle Isle 1 KXVKRHKP
Jungle Isle 2 CVHCSHKP
Jungle Isle 3 SVKLPHKP
Jungle Isle 4 CVBLPHKP
New Toonland 1 RVTCSHGP
New Toonland 2 XVVBRHKP
Kung Fuville 1 YTCHPHKP
Kung Fuville 2 ZTDHPHKP
Kung Fuville 3 DXVGRHKP
Rezopolis GYVYRHKP

To play the Bosses of each level, begin game play with
a password before their location.

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