Geneforge 3 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Paspauskite [Shift] + D ir konsolėje įveskite sekančius kodus:

Fully restore Energy and Essence to shaper and all creations - rechargeme

Give experience to shaper and all creations (amount depends
on shaper's level) - iwanttobestronger

Fully restore Life to shaper and all creations - healmenow

All areas forget your crimes - pleaselikeme

Turn current area green on Sucia Island world map - clearthisarea

Give shaper a rock - igotarock

Disable all active codes - nomorecheats

Resets crimes - forgiveme

Makes it possible to join Awakened or Takers - iloveserviles

Makes it possible to join Obeyers - ihateserviles

Removes membership from Awakened, Takers, and Obeyers;
allowing you to join any of them - clearallsects

Kill all hostile monsters in view - dbugkill

Leave current area and return to Sucia Island map - exitzone

Show all characters on map - showmeall

Hide characters on map - dontshowmeall

Give shaper 100 coins - givememoney

Get over 100 coins; only in early versions of game - ilovemoney

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