Gangsters žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

More Business:
Go to regedit in the start menu, go to local_machine, software, hothouse, gangsters, then go to default_territory and set it to 500 and now you will start out with around 21 to anywhere around 34.

Free Business:
In the Gang Organizer, go to the city maps. Bring up the info on any business and let the mouse hover around over the box until a little 'Return to base' tip appears. Click there and tada, the business is yours. If you want, you can sell it on the spot and the cash will go directly into your assets.
Or you can wait until next week when you can send someone
to run the business.

$3000 For Gangs:
At the Lieutenant part of the gang organizer screen
press D + A + R + T to give $3000 to each gang.

50,000 extra dollars to buy stuff:
Go to Leutenants and type 'I LOVE HANSON'as fast as you can
(Don't worry about the screen swiching while typeing it in)
then go to weaponds or cars,wich ever you want to buy, and
go to black market.Then click on the item and it will say how much it is and how much you have and you should have 50,000 bucks writin in red below the price of the item.


Get the gymnasiums, pool halls, and especially the
docks under your control as quickly as possible.
The best way to beat rival families is to deny them
places where they can recruit 'muscle.'

Bribe early and often. Start with the Mayor as
soon as you can afford it, then go after the Chief
of Police.

Recruit an Accountant and a Lawyer as soon as possible. The Accountant will be needed for tax evasion, and you'll probably need a Lawyer sooner than you'd like.

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