Empire Earth 2 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Žaidimo metu paspauskite [ENTER] ir įveskite sekančius kodus:

Disables all Cheat Codes - idontcheat
Enables all of the Following Codes - icheat
Add 10,000 of each resource - loot
Subtract 100 of each resource - taxes
Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit - punish
Convert selected unit - convert
Instant recharge power for selected unit - recharge me
Instantly win scenario (May be disabled) - win
Toggle the fog of war onoff - toggle fog
Toggle instant build onoff - sea monkeys
Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements - epoch up
Add 50 technology points - give tech
God Mode onoff (Your Units and Building should take no damage)- play god

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