Elder Scrolls 3 - Bloodmoon žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


While playing, just press '~' to bring up the console, write 'player->[command]' and press 'Enter'. [command] is one of the items listed below.
Example of usage: 'player->AddItem 'Gold_100' 12345' will add 12345 of gold to player.

TMG - God Mode
TGM -God Mode (On Some Systems)
Help -List of All Debugging Commands
SetFlying 1 - Fly Mode
SetSuperJump 1 - Super Jumping Mode
SetWaterWalking 1 - Walk on Water Mode
SetWaterBreathing 1 - Breathe Under Water
SetLevel [level] - Sets Player Level to [level]
AddItem 'Gold_100' [gold] - Adds Gold where [gold] = amount
SetFatigue [fatigue] - Sets Player Max Fatigue to [fatigue]
SetMagicka [magic] - Sets Player Max Magic to [magic]
SetHealth [health] - Sets Player Health to [health]

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