Demolition Racer žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

When prompted for your name enter:

All cars and tracks - BIG CHEAT
More end of race points - DWANZIL
All cars in demolition league - LEAGUE CHEAT

When in the demolition derby arena, be as erratic as
possible. The other guys are bent on your ultimate
destruction, and a consistent target plays right into
their evil hands.

If you have the opportunity, always choose a car with
better handling over a car with extra top speed or power.
You have to do anything you can to work your way around
the game's horrid steering.

A keyboard or digital D-pad works better than an analog
joystick or wheel. Consider yourself advised.

You can use burned-out hulks as refuge; hide between one
of these and the wall, and the potential damage from any
oncoming car will be substantially deflected.

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