Crimson Skies žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Play Any Mission:
In the campaign menu, right click on the microphone on
the left side of the screen and type 'idaho.'
A menu will appear in the top right of the screen that
lets you access any of the mission.

Type 'I AM THE ACE!!' at the Weapons Loadout Menu before
each mission.


Don't waste your time with those fancy-pants rockets
like the Choker or Flash--load up on Flak Rockets and
you can rip an incoming enemy squadron to tatters before
they even draw within firing range.

Make sure you alter your Wingman's weapons loadout before
each mission. While you can't issue orders to them during
combat, you can at least make sure they have the firepower
needed to defend themselves and launch effective attacks
against large enemy targets when the time comes.

Remember: heavier caliber weapons do more damage, but fire
more slowly and therefore require better marksmanship.
Combine light-caliber machine guns with heavy cannon for
the perfect blend of gunnery accuracy.

Use the rudder controls and lessen your airspeed to
tighten your turning radius and close in on bogeys who are
pulling tight turns in dogfights.

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