Corridor 7 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Start the game with parameter 'level1diagnostic'
Next use [Ctrl]+[Left Shift]+[Tab] to activate the cheatmode.
Now you can use []+
[W] : Level Warp
[G] : God Mode on/off
[N] : No clipping
[S] : Freeze game
[B] : Change border
[C] : Pauses game and displays useful info
[F] : Display your compass angle
[I] : More score, more ammo, more charges, and next weapon
[M] : Memory check
[R] : Red skull in front of character
[T] : Shows info on current level's transporters [CD ver only.

Press [W]+[A]+[X] for all weapons/ammo, keys, a few mines,
full map, and full health.

Use commandline parameter 'president' .

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