Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Build buildings far away from ur base:

N.B: In Skirmish.

First make sure you have 'MCV Repacks' on. Build ur power sources, then
click on ur Mobile Construction Yard and click anywere on the map. When
ur MCV can delploy, deploy it. Then build a power source then barracks
then war factory and play on. Now build the rest of your buildings.
The idea of this is, is that when you have super weopons and the enemy
has one to he will attack ur war factory first. Now this gives you a
chance to destroy his MCY, while his building a super weapon attack.


In multiplayer game(usually), use your chrono legionaire to protect
your structures. Make him attack your own building (ctrl-click)
protecting enemy airstrike. But hey stop him before your structure's
Also, if you're using soviet team(in skirmish game), make yuris and
once you can capture ifv's, load a crazy ivan and the unit becomes
something like a demolition truck.


When you build a war factory build it away from ur base then if you have
a iron curtain when the enemy attacks with a nuke or weatherstorm use the
iron curtain on your war factory it works like a charm.


Take control the soviet country(russia,cuba,and others...)
when you build your mcv build ore rafinery and baracks and
then build war factory create more teror drone(spider)and
send all to enemy's war miner or chrono miner enemy lost
all of war miner(chrono miner)his economy is fallen too.


To destroy any building , just buid the choronosphere
and make it completely ready,before getting it ready
or after that build 3 to 4 prism tanks and then make
them stand closely and then send them to any where or
close to any buliding you wanna destroy then order the
prism tanks to only attack that bulding or structure ,
they will destroy with thier two or three fires.


If you playing allies you must to build Constrction Yard
Ore Refinery and Barracks. Then build 20-100 rockeeters
and go(fly) to enemy base and destroy soviet flaks or
allied missile launchers and then destroy enemy Construction
Yard and all other things.

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