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Get those USA slow units to the battle faster:

Most battles need support eventually and if you need a slow but powerful unit to get from your base to the battle on the other side of the map, use your Chinooks. A single Chinook can carry up to 2 vehicles like the tomahawk missile, though some for some units you can only fit one in a Chinook. But its a quick way to keep the fight going and get that one unit were it needs to be to win.

US defense strategy:

Build four patriot missiles and two firebases (Artillery center) inside each of the firebases put a sniper tw rockets and a machine gunner This will tear your enemies assault vehicles and infantry to pieces very quickly.


Your best chance of winning eny online game is to have a quick look around the map and search for eny oil dereks or resorces once found build a baracks near them reasearch building capture then take the building always have a large defence around them though.

Easy skirmish mode wins:

Play as the U.S. laser general against the Chinese infantry general. This also works well on the eight-player maps. Sit up so that every man is for himself.
On the hard level, the infantry general sends waves of soldiers who are easily moved down by the laser turrets. Be quick to obtain the particle cannon so that you can knock out the nuclear missiles.

Easy multi-player mode wins:

When you are against the GLA, you can destroy the cars so that the other player cannot use them as car bombs. The trick is to crush the cars by passing over them. Have one of your tanks or bulldozers go next to the car. They will not go around it, but will instead go over it.

Yuri's symbol:

Go to Skirmish mode and select the Tournament Urban map. Then, go into the main city where the tank drop is located. In the top left of the screen is a building that has a symbol that is identical to Yuri's symbol, but is missing one line.

Dr. Thrax: Perfect attack force:

As GLA Dr. Thrax, upgrade to Anthrax Gamma. After that, you will need four Battle Buses. Fill two of them with Toxin Rebels and the other two with RPG Troopers. This force will be very difficult to defeat because the Toxin Rebel buses will destroy all infantry in range, while the RPG troopers will destroy every tank, aircraft, and even most buildings very easily. Also, they can attack from behind and in front at the same time.

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