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Buy any player for free:

1) First, you have to get his club to accept your bid.
2) To achieve this, either make a very high bid (many times his market
value) that the club cannot reject ; alternatively, you could make
an enquiry and accept the club's demands in return.
3) When his club allows you to negotiate his contract, click to offer
him a contract.
4) While in the contract screen, click news on the left toolbar option
(Do not click the back arrow). Click on that player's name and
withdraw your bid.
5) Re-bid for free or whatever amount you wish.
6) Click the back arrow on the left toolbar this time back to the screen
where you are discussing his contract details.
7) Offer him a reasonable contract.
8) When he accepts your contract, he joins your club on a free transfer
(or any amount that you re-bid for).

Increase your wage structure without the approval of your board.
This trick allows you to offer a much higher pay for a particular staff
without requesting from your board.
For instance, to comply with a scout/coach's request which is higher
than your board's maximum wage structure for scout/coach position.

This trick works mainly for scouts and coaches as their wage structure
is usually lower than assistant managers.

For a scout or coach,
1) Click 'Approach to sign'.
2) Change his default position from scout/coach to Assistant Manager.
3) Reduce the wage you are offering to zero.
4) Click offer contract.
5) A few days later, there will be news that he has rejected your offer.
6) Click 'Approach to sign' again.
7) You will find his default position has been changed to Assistant Manager with a
simultaneous significant increase in the wage allowed to offer him.
8) Click the maximum or whatever he requested and offer him a scout/coach posistion.

Please note that this trick allows you to increase your wage structure to
sign most scouts or coaches but it is is dependent on your club's wage
structure for an Assistant Manager.

Take control of National Teams
1) Choose Add Manager.
2) In the team option, choose 'Choose from the list'.
3) Click on any team.
4) Click on an English player in the team.
5) Click on England in the player's profile.
6) Click on 'Take control'.
7) You will then be appointed as the National Team's manager without the
need to earn it.
8) The same trick can be done for any league and any country.

This is not a real cheat but its a lil about the best player sin this game.
In Argentina u can buy Riquelme hes a gr8 midfielder (u can also find some
gr8 players like Ortega, Costanzo, Cambiasso, Mendez...) Cavenaghi isnt real
good @ the bgining but after 3 seasons he become the best striker. Some
Belarus players r really gr8 Roman Vasilyuk, Maxim Tsigalko < Nikifiorenko,
Alexey Baga, Melivisky, Volodenkov....Aghahowa is a gr8 player, Jonas LUnden
is a good midefield player, Pawel Brozek ,Mendonca, Ronaldinho, Arjen Robben,
Pablo Aimar, Vieira, Medina, Arca Alex,Prutton and Cherno Samba r gr8 attackin
players. Some defenders are really good : Radoi, Ferdinand, John Terry, Hofland,
Chivu, Mexes, Akerboom, Neil Clement, Lucio....

Here's a good player you can buy:

Cristiano Lupatelli (GK)
David Trezeguet (CF)
Christian Vieri (CF)...superb..!!!
Belozoglu Emre (MC)
Alvaro Recoba (AMC)
Joe Cole (AML/C)

A player:

Andriy Shevchenco, fast, skillful, and beutiful finishing.


Swap a team's division. The most common use for this is in Scotland as
people want to enable the Old Firm to compete in the English Premiership.
Another option will be to boost a team's stature and finances to allow
yourself to have plenty of money to spend if you wish. (call it cheating
if you wish!)

To enable these options, all you have to do is create a normal text
file with the extension '.edt'. Then add the following command to swap
two teams divisions. Here's the command that needs to be added to the
'.edt' file to enable the Old Firm to compete in the English Premiership.
This 'Config File Feature' will only work when creating a new game and
will not affect existing games.

'SWAP_TEAMS' 'West Bromwich Albion' 'Celtic'
'SWAP_TEAMS' 'West Ham United' 'Rangers'

These two commands will basically put the Old Firm in the English
Premiership and put West Brom and West Ham into the Scottish Premiership.

For the '.edt' to work it needs to be placed inside the 'data' folder off
the 'CM4' location where you installed the game.

Another option you have, is too increase a teams stature and finances.
This can be done using the same '.edt' file as above.

'BOOST_TEAM' 'Watford' 20000000 7000 50000

The first figure represents the amount of money the club will start with.
The second figure represents their world reputation and the third will
dictate their stadium capacity. The above command example will give
Watford £20 million pounds in transfer funds, increase their reputation
to about the same level as Chelsea's (Max = 10000, e.g. Manchester
United/Real Madrid) and change their stadium capacity to 50,000.

it's not really a cheat just away to get loads of money.
ake control of a rich team. when you are them go to make a bid
for your lowest rated player, change the option from transfer to
first option put it up to then amount they have to tranfer and
offer simple really. it cant be refused

Good young Player:

Ibrahim Said-DC
Mikael Dorsin-D-DM(CL)
Joe Cole-AMLC

Tired for arange your training?:

You can edit your training folder data\training.
just open (chose one example tactic, pig in the middle etc.)with
wordpad, notepad or something else and change the number to whatever you want.
(make a backup file if you want)
sample : fitnes : 7
teamwork : 7, etc
I usualy change all the number to 9 but I dont know the max, hehehe.
Save the change, play Cm, go to training menu, choose file that you
change and use it at all the day and time, for first squad, reserve
and also the goalkiper then confirm.
With this you can forgeted all the training menu. after you do this,
after about 3 match you will be unbeatable because all your player is
become very2 good (not in the player pfofile but your player become
more understand each other so it easy to make a goal). Thanks and try it.
Tut Wury Handayani !


Cheap but full of quality young player:
1)Cherno samba
2)Alexander Farnerud
3)Bojan Djordjic
6)Matteo Brighi

Manage Any Country!:

To manage any country you like ,all you have to do is click on add manager,
and when the team select screen appears, click on any team, e.g chelsea,
then sort the players by there nationality, then say you click on Petit,
you then click on where it says he is franch, and the amount of caps he
has, then you click control team in the corner!

this cheat works! say you want to manage Australia, you just go on leeds,
click on viduka and click on his nationality, and there you have it, the
Australian team!

How to get good players for nothing:

If you want to get good players for tupence then read this:
Put an offer in for a player that you like and offer like Ā£20,000,000+.
when the offer is accepted and you are on the offer contract screen you
must click on the players name.
when you have done this, withdraw the offer and offer whatever you want,
free if that's it, then click the back bottom until you get to the offer
contract, and offer the contract thats how you do it.

An amazing player 2 buy is mido, he is Egtptian and abot 17 years old, you
can buy him 4 about 8.5 million.
Another good player is Fabio Paim, he may only be 13 but put him in your
under 19's and he will thrive

This is not a real cheat but its a little about the best players in the game.
This list has been concluded by good scouting from the visitors of Cheatportal,
so thx to you guys :)
Though some more 'popular' and more expensive players will appear on this
list, the purpose of it, is mainly to show less expensive and upcoming starlets.
No reason in listing big stars we already know ;)

The list looks like this so far:
Tim Howard (Cheap and really good keeper)
Maarten Stekelenburg (Young Ajax keeper with great potential. Used him for
1 season and he got capped for Holland)
Franco Costanzo (great to start with and got wicked potential)

Civard Sprockel
Michael Lamey
Nigel De Jong (Young Ajax left back, use him for one season and he will be capped for Holland)
Jan Kristiansen (can be used both on right/left back, get him for under 1mil!)
Mancini (get him before anyone else do. brazilian player)
Alan Tate (nice player for a lower arrangered club)
Neil Clement
Philippe Mexes (upcoming french national player)
Matei Mirel Radoi
Julio Arca
Volodenkov (can be used on midfield and in attack also)
Alexey Baga
Isaac Okoronkwo
Frank Sinclair
Sebastian Mendez
David May (old, but cheap and steady going while he's around)

Mikel Arteta
Kim Kallstrom
Freddy Adu (Train this 14 youngster for some years and his stats will be great)
Fabio Paim (Very young player from Sporting, get him while young and train him
in your U-18 squad. Stats not the greatest, but he always plays amazing)
Youssouf Hersi (This Ajax player is on loan the first season of the game, but
get him when he returns to Ajax. Use him either as Left Midfielder or as
attacker, he's great!)
Alexander Farnerud (ATM midfielder)
Nhlanhla Shabalala (U-18 player from Ajax, amazing when he gets 18-19 years)
Diego (perhaps the most talented player in the game, only 17 and has amazing
stats already. Plays for Santos in Brazil)
Ricardo Quaresma
Petit (Good DM player from Benfiga, Portugal)
Alan Quinn ( this Sheff Wed guy, makes a great winger and he's cheap!)
Harpal Singh (young leeds player)
David Prutton (lots of potential in this lad, stats are really nice)
Arjen Robben (amazing player, really good on the wing!)
Andrés D'alessandro (Pablo Aimar 2?)
Julius Aghahowa (yea, he's also great in this game)
Bojan Djordic (U should know him from CM3, gets wicked after 1 season time)
Paul gasgoine (daft as a brush)
Christian Karembeu ( legendary vision)
Markus Neumayr (nice potential in this U-19 Man UTD youngster)
Danny Pugh (hellish left boot with a gorgeous inswinging cross!)
Alan Pouton (cheap player, a good buy even for a lower top division team)
Esteban Cambiasso

Jose Antonio Reyes
Dirk Kuijt
Frank Demouge
Cristiano Ronaldo
Lee Morris
Cherno Samba (he's young, but he scores shitloads of goals)
Robert Earnshaw (rumours say, that Cherno Samba and Earnshaw makes a great
attacking couple)
Mendonca (young angolian striker)
Maxim Tsigalko
Roman Vasilyuk
Cavenaghi (probably one of the best strikers in the world, after some seasons)
Ade Akinbiyi
Ariel Ortega (probably one of the best wingers in the game, had him at Arsenal
and Roma and he was amazing)

Good players:

David Trezeguet ( Juventus )
Alessandro Del Piero ( Juventus )

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