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First, choose the team that you want to play for( Ex: Man Utd) and take control. Then you choose another team ( Ex: Monaco). Use that team( Monaco) to make a loan bid with Manchester player( Ex: John O'Shea) and change the loan offer to 100M and then submit offer. Click to continue the game, about 1 day after, go to the Manchester News and agree the requirement offer from Monaco without changing anything. After 3-4 days, if the player agree to join Monaco club, you will get 100M even that Monaco does not have enough money from transfer budget for that transfer. The transfer budget in Manchester United will increase also with the financial, so you can buy more players and the financial of Monaco will be in debt. You can try to make loan offers as many times as you want but more successful when you try the transfer from the big club so players that you made loan offers will be agree to join your team for loan more easier.

Buy Sinama Pongolle from liverpool:

After 3-4 seasons he will score 30-45 goals in a season. After a season or two more, he will score 45-60 goals per season.

When you start a new game, a attacker called Jairo Fernando Castillo is on a free. Buy him.
He is allready a great player when you start a new game and after 2-3 seasons, he will be one of the best attackers in the game.
I was Manchester City and one season, he scored 65 goals.

If you need a great goalkeeper, buy AEK's Dionisis Chiotis:

At first he dose'nt look so good, but after a few seasons he is better
than: Kahn, Buffon, Barthez...

Another good attacker is Dinamo's 16 year old Niko Kranjcar. He is allready a pretty good player when you start a new game, but after a couple of seasons, he will be wanted by all the greatest clubs in tha world.


With this squad i have won UEFA Champions League, German bundesliga, german cup, all europan cups except UEFA Cup:

Oliver Kahn (goalkeeper)
Tobias Rau (Deffender left side)
Lillian Thuram (deffender right side)
Paolo Montero (deffender centre)
Martin Demichelis (deffender centre)
Hasan Salihamidzic (attacking midfielder right side)
Ze Roberto (attacking midfielder left side)
Jens Jeremies (deffensive midfielder centre)
Michael Ballack (midfielder centre,BEST PLAYER)
Roy Makaay (forward right)
Miroslav Klose (forward left,TOP GOALSCORER)


Michael Rensig (goalkeeper)
Robert Kovac (deffender centre)
Mehmet Scholl (attacking midfielder,JOCKER)
Marcio Amoroso (striker,2nd JOCKER)
Sebastian Deisler (midfielder centre,right)
Roque Santa Cruz (striker,3rd JOCKER)

My team was FC Bayern
Best wingers on the game are surely Ze Roberto and Hasan Salihamidzic.


Hi this is a cheat for Championship Manager 03/04 to get a lot of cahs and players. First choose a team that you would like several players from Ex: Arsenal. Then add manager in control of Arsenal. Use this manager to make a bid for one of your players. Completely Max out the bid 100m, 50% sell on fee, 40m over 24 months, 40m after 1 league appearance, 40m per league game, 40m after 1 international appearance and 40m after 10 league goals. Submit the bid then accept it with your own team.
When it comes time to offer a contract offer the player the most Arsenal will pay IE: Key player 60k a week plus good appearance fee's and yearly wage rises. DO NOT SUBMIT THE BID!!!! Instead when the bid is all laid out on screen retire the arsenal manager. You will get a message saying the transfer of the player was cancelled due to the change of manager at Arsenal, but a couple of days later the transfer will go through anyway.

You will get 100m plus monthly installments of a further 40m a season and extra's every time he plays for them :P (For this reason sell a player who is likely to play for them but is easy to replace IE : Emile Heskey ).

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