Cabela's Big Game Hunter 3 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

During play, go to the Wilderness Tracking view.
Press Ctrl + Enter, then type in footwork, then
Ctrl + Enter again. You'll see a mesaage to confirm
entry. Now during play press Ctrl + Enter, then enter
the following codes and press Enter to activate...

bullseye - Show kill spots in video
coupon - Extra $1000
cuckoo - Time toggle
destroy - Makes selected animal disappear
flurry - Snow toggle
getthere - Warps player to map location (Map Screen only)
hereiam - Display coords (Map Screen Only)
mytrophy - Successful kill (Video only)
nextstand - Go to next stand
offset - Display offset setting (Sighting In only)
popup - Warp into practice range
sprinkle - Rain toggle
thereitis - Animal location as green dot on map
tonic - Full health

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