Bud Redhead - The Time Chase žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Žaidimo metu įveskite sekančius kodus:

LIFEPLEASE - gives one extra life
FULLENERGY - gives full energy
LETMEOUT - opens the exit gate regardless of number of coins you collected
LIVEFOREVER - gives unlimited lives
MORTALAGAIN - deactivates unlimited lives (cancels 'liveforever' cheat)
OPENSESAME - instantly pulls all the levers
SPIKEDSHOES - deactivates slippery surfaces
ORDINARYSHOES - activates slippery surfaces
SHOWMEALL - shows hidden coins and stuff, so indirectly it shows entrances to almost all secret areas
HIDESECRETS - hides coins and stuff

Lygių kodai:

Forest 1-2 Light Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Green
Forest 1-3 Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Forest 1-4 Green, Red, Red, Brown, Dark Blue
Forest 1-5 Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Light Blue
Egypt 2-1 Red, Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-2 Brown, Light Blue, Red, Green, Brown
Egypt 2-3 Green, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-4 Green, Light Blue, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue
Egypt 2-5 Dark Blue, Brown, Brown, Red, Green
Castle 3-1 Red, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Castle 3-2 Green, Green, Brown, Light Blue, Brown
Castle 3-3 Light Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown
Castle 3-4 Brown, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Blue, Green
Castle 3-5 Green, Red, Red, Light Blue, Red
Spaceship 4-1 Dark Blue, Red, Green, Green, Red
Spaceship 4-2 Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-3 Brown, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green
Spaceship 4-4 Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-5 Brown, Light Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue
Boss Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Red

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