Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Start the game and make sure you have customized your options and
controls to suit your needs.
Exit the game and open the file 'EiB.ini' with Notepad. This file is in the ..\BrothersInArmsEiB\System folder.
Change the following line:

[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey=0
[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey=192

Save the file. IMPORTANT! Mark the file as READ ONLY
(right click --> properties --> select read-only).
This will keep the game from resetting the value to 0.

While playing, press ` (tilde) to activate the console,
then type any of the following cheat codes:

god - God Mode
fly - Fly Mode
walk - Walk Mode
allweapons - All Weapons
ghost - No Clipping Mode
allammo - Tons of Ammo
invisible 1 - Invisibility On
invisible 0 - Invisibility Off
killall - Kill Everything
loaded - Get Everything

Unlock All Levels:

Enter '2ndsquad' as your profile name to unlock all levels, movies,
infinite ammo and supersquad.

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