Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg žaidimo kodai

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Bonus emblems:

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock an emblem:
complete all missions with an 'S' rank; collect all coins; complete all missions; unlock the entire Egg Gallery.

Unlockable: Sonic Eggs

Collect the following amounts of Golden Chick Coins to unlock the Sonic series characters

35 - Chao
40 - Kapu Kapu
65 - Rappy
100 - Amigo
120 - Sonic
180 - Nights
200 - Tails
220 - Knuckles

Defeating Dark Carvo:

Dark Carvo will first make two Bosses that you have defeated in the past.
Do not try to attack them; just try to dodge them. Once they disappear, you will have a chance to attack Dark Carvo. He will make duplicates of himself and try to attack you. Try to dodge him. He will lose you and stop trying to find you. This is your chance to attack him. Grab an egg and keep attacking the Dark Carvo. Once you find the real one, he will get weak and you will have another chance to attack him. Repeat these steps to defeat Dark Raven.

Sonic Team eggs:

Get the indicated number of coins to unlock a Sonic Team game character egg.

Amigo - 105 coins:
Chao - 25 coins
Kapu Kapu - 35 coins
Knuckles - 205 coins
NIGHTS - 185 coins
Rappy - 65 coins
Sonic - 135 coins
Tails - 155 coins

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