Battle Realms žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

> Kodas: Destroy buildings:

Highlight an enemy building, then press [Ctrl] + D.

> Patarimai:

The force of the lotus' brothers:

First make sure you have the three brothers in your army. Next get the brothers and try to attack it in nearby water... you will see them turn and make spins that will trigger yang acquisition. now use your ying/yang to upgrade your units defense and offense or make heroes to blast your enemies to smithereens.

Unlimited Brothers:

For the Lotus Clan:
1. As soon as possible build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it easier).
3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
10. Repeat.

Notice: The brothers only use Yin, Rice, and Water. If you destroy your Crypt of Brothers while the 3 Brothers are on foot, they will die with it.
That is why if they are one the towers, they dont die. This also makes the computer think they are dead so it allows you to train new ones.

One hit kill for Koril (Lotus clan only):

First, make the Crypt Of Brothers then summon the three. Then, use the Yin trick points. Next, make a Keep then watch your Yin. When your Yin makes about 200 attack Issyl to the enemy base. Issyl is unbeatable and sends some Ninjas on horses with upgraded abilities, then five
healers in Lotus that ride on horses.

Consuming (Lotus clan only):

Build a Watchtower, then send one Peasant in the tower. Send a group of Unclean One, Diseased One and Infested One to consume the Peasant on the tower. They probably will eat the tower, but all of them have skills.

Start on Serpent Clan on Kenjis Journey:

At the beginning of Kenji's Journey, do not help the peasant. Instead, help the Serpent Clan to kill and destroy the peasant hut and the peasants. After this, Kenji will join the Serpent Clan.

Multi-player cooperation:

When playing in multi-player mode, your base to a friend's base. Your friend can defend you while you build.

Make more ninjas for serpent clan:

First you must have a ronin who has the battle gear 'blood bond', next summon a ninja and blood bond it, put the ninja in a watch tower and make the ronin attack an enemy(make sure that he dies), and summon more ninjas.

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