Austin Powers Pinball žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Start game as usual and select theme 'International Man Of Mystery'.
During gameplay press [PRINT-SCREEN] to go to console, then enter the following cheats followed by [ENTER]:

CRIKEY - Ball Is Blocked Between Flippers
ENLARGER - Get Super Score
POWERSBALL - Enable Powerball
CLOCKADELIC - Inrease Time
PREMATURE - Set To Final Ball
EXTRA SHAG - Light 'Extra Ball'
FLASHER - Light '2-Ball'
BLIMEY - Light 'Video Mode'
BUBBLY - Light 'Hot Tub'
DANGER - Light 'Mystery'
PANTS - Light 'Kickback'
IMPOSSIBLE - Light 'Start Mission'
IMPOSSIBLE 1 - Light 'Groovy Baby'
IMPOSSIBLE 2 - Light 'Electric Pussycat'
IMPOSSIBLE 3 - Light 'Nineties'
IMPOSSIBLE 4 - Light 'Virtucon Tour'
IMPOSSIBLE 5 - Light 'Mutant Sea Bass'
IMPOSSIBLE 6 - Light 'Fembots'
IMPOSSIBLE 7 - Light 'Subterranean Probe'

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