Arx Fatalis žaidimo kodai

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Bonus items:

After breaking out of your cell, kill the Goblin and walk to the table.
Look at the pile of garbage in the corner. Take the bone on the left
(in the pile of vegetables) and use it on the chair ten times to get
new items in your inventory.

Wear heavy armor without sufficient strength:

If you have the Bless spell and an Ylside armor, you can put it on them even if you are in the 10th level of Strength. Use the Bless spell
(your level of magic is important at this point) and put on the armor
and weapons. When the spell ends, you can still wear the armor.

Easy gold and items:

When you must find the Water and Earth Goblin clans, you may find a shop in a cave. Go to the shop and sell every item you can get into the chests and buy the Disarm Trap spell. Keep a few weapons then attack and kill the shop keeper and his brother. Take the key from the shopkeeper and get all your items back, as well as the gold he gave you for the items.

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