African Safari Trophy Hunter žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


While playing in 3D mode, activate the following cheats by
typing in the corresponding code. (Note: Enabling a cheat
disables the score!)

Create a Herd of Animals - SPAWNALL
Flight Mode - VULTURE
Hunting License (Eland) - LICENSE1
Hunting License (Elephant) - LICENSE3
Hunting License (Kudu) - LICENSE4
Hunting License (Zebra) - LICENSE2
Infinite ammunition - HUGEGUNS
Make Party Invisible - HGWELLS
Mark all Unlicensed Animals - FLAGALL
Mark Current Position - GPS
View Kill Zones - XRAY

Free Money:

For some free money, move the cursor to the upper left-hand
corner and press Ctrl-4. Be sure the mouse is all the way in the corner or it won't work.

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